Producer David Franzi
From Newport, Rhode Island, David Franzi is currently a senior at the Digipen Institute of Technology, pursuing a B.S. in RTIS. An avid gamer since childhood, David is continually looking to bring the gaming community polished and more importantly, fun games. His current programmatic pursuits include game engine architecture and graphics programming. Outside of school, David Franzi enjoys playing guitar, as well as playing court tennis competitively.

Tech Director Russ Hochenedel
Russell loves to make games and has worked on over 6 of them. He has experience in graphics, physics, engine, and game logic programming. His favorite part of game programming is developing graphical effects with shaders.

Designer Mike Kersey
Mike Kersey has a wild imagination and enjoys creating video games that focus on fun game play.

Product Manager Daniel Miya
Daniel loves to make games. He has over 6 games under his belt, including three game projects and three professionally published cell phone games. Other than programming he enjoys playing baseball, basketball, and golf. His favorite games are the Metal Gear Solid, Legend of Zelda, and Half Life series.

Physics Programmer Roman Timurson
Roman is originally from Baku, Azerbaijan (former republic of USSR), but he spent most of his life in the United States. He has great passion for mathematics and physics, as well as programming games and interactive simulations. Roman is responsible for developing physics engines for his
Junior and Senior games at DigiPen. Following graduation from DigiPen he is interested in working as physics or gameplay programmer for Next-Gen titles.
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