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Two DigiPen Student Games Win International Recognition

Congratulations to the DigiPen students behind Super Space ____ and Douse, two games that recently earned recognition in competitions around the world.

Super Space ____, the sophomore game of DigiPen students Alexander Baard,...


Kamal Siegel Brings New Media to the Masses

DigiPen adjunct faculty member Kamal Siegel wants you to engage with the arts like you never have before.

As founder of the Digital Art Festival, now celebrating its fourth event since 2008, Siegel has welcomed artists and art...

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PAX Panel Pushes Back at Online Harassment

Just about anyone who uses an online gaming service will testify to it: The chatter can get downright ugly at times.

Whether it's due to the competitive nature of multiplayer games, the anonymity of online interactions, or some...

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DigiPen Student Game Douse to be Featured at Tokyo Game Show's Sense of Wonder Night

Douse, a 2D storybook adventure game by DigiPen sophomore game team Terabyte, was recently selected as a showcase finalist in the fifth annual Sense of Wonder Night (SOWN) at the 2012 Tokyo Game Show. SOWN aims to highlight new...

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Pixar's Mark Henne Presents on Technical Achievements in Brave

The next time you watch the movie Brave, take a closer look. Watch the subtle folds and stretches of the characters’ medieval garments as they gesticulate and move about, or the effects of the wind blowing through the protagonist...

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Three DigiPen Students Take Home Honors at GDC Online's Game Narrative Review Competition

Congratulations to DigiPen students Khalil Moutrie, Ryan Cassell, and Samuel Dassler on winning top honors at GDC Online's Game Narrative Review Competition! This competition challenges students to analyze the narrative structure...

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