Dragon Usage Guide

"The DigiPen Dragon is courageous, intelligent, innovative, magical, and creative, just like our students."
--Marshall Traverse, Dean of Students

The DigiPen Dragon icon is as valuable a part of our company as the DigiPen logo. As such, the Dragon should always reflect the qualities in the quote above, and should not be used in any circumstances where such a positive ideal could be distorted. Please use the Dragon icon as follows:


Clear Space

example of how to use the wordmark to measure clear space around the dragon

The DigiPen Dragon image requires a minimum blank space around it. The height of the DigiPen Dragons text can be used to define this blank space.


The Dragon image may be placed on top of solid-colored backgrounds or photographs, as long as it remains clearly legible.

White icon on dark backgroundthree examples of the white dragon icon on a black background

Black icon on white backgroundthree examples of the black dragon icon on a white background


Please don't alter the image in any way.


an example of a stretched dragon icon


an example of a squished dragon icon

Alter Color (Other than specified)an example of the dragon icon in a different color

Remove "DigiPen"
example of the dragon icon without the word

Resize Elementsan example of the dragon icon with disproportionate design elements

Tilt or Skewan example of a tilted or skewed dragon icon

Altered Transparency

an example of the dragon icon with a gradient

Place On Complicated Backgrounds

an example of the dragon icon on a cluttered background

Apply Effects

an example of the dragon icon with a drop shadow

Turn Into Pattern or Texture

an example of the dragon icon in a tile pattern

Color Specifications

an example of the black dragon on a white background

an example of the white dragon on a black background


PMS Black U

CMYK C0 M0 Y0 K100

RGB R0 G0 B0

HEX #000000



CMYK C0 M0 Y0 K0

RGB R255 G255 B255



The "DigiPen Dragons" wordmark is a custom design that cannot be downloaded or replicated by any existing typeface. It can be used as either a stand-alone graphic, or in conjunction with the Dragon icon.

Please see our style guide for more information about the typography DigiPen uses.

Retaining Brand Distinction

Consistent and proper use of all of DigiPen Institute of Technology's logos and icons strengthens recognition for the the college as a whole. As a general rule, projects should not contain both the DigiPen logo and the image of the Dragon, unless they stand alone on separate pages/parts of the piece.

Please do not create hybrid logos by combining different pieces of our existing logos and icons.

Hybrid Logos

General Usage Notes

The Dragon was created as a mascot for the students of the college to rally around. As such, it should  be used on materials aimed directly at prospective and current students, as well as alumni. In official circumstances (e.g. letterhead, email signatures, etc.), the DigiPen Logo, not the Dragon, should be used.

Please use the Dragon at your discretion, and email marketing.us[at]digipen.edu if you have any questions or need clarification. Marketing and Communications will conduct periodic audits to ensure that the dragon is being used in accordance with the guidelines in this usage guide.