Summer Cleanup Policy

This policy describes the work the IT does during the summer to clean up the school's IT infrastructure.

Lab Clean-Up Policy

Every August, and during the year when appropriate, all computers in the labs will be re-imaged with the latest software determined by our ConfigurationPolicy. No attempt is made to archive any data which may still be on these computers.

Profile Clean-Up Policy

Every August the roaming profile for all students will be archived and all previously archived profiles will be removed.

  1. The roaming profile in <code>~/samba/profile</code> will be moved to <code>~/samba/profile-MMDDYYYY</code>
  2. Any other archived profiles which are more than three months old will be removed.

Staff and Faculty profiles are archived only on the request of the staff or faculty; however we strongly recommend they be cleaned up at least once a year to reduce conflicts between software versions.

Laptop and Personal Computer Accounts

Every August all laptop accounts are removed. We do this because there is a high turn-over rate for personal computers and we want to limit the amount of "dead" data in the directory.

Staff and Faculty will be notified two weeks prior to the cleanup in order to give them time to notify us of their laptop registrations. These accounts will be re-added within 24 hours after the cleanup.