Service Level Policy

The purpose of this document is to define service levels and how they apply to services.

  • Service Level Policies
    • Network Service Levels
    • File Service Levels
      • Primary File Service Levels
      • Secondary File Service Levels
      • File Service Descriptions

      Network Service Levels



      Application Authenticators

      Critical, Campus

      COURSES Drive

      Critical, Campus

      DATA Drive

      Critical, Campus

      Directory Service

      Core, Campus

      Domain Logon

      Core, Campus


      Important, Academic


      Critical, Public

      Faculty Webs

      Important, Academic


      Supported, Public

      HOME Drive

      Critical, Campus


      Supported, Campus


      Important, Campus

      Local Area Net.

      Core, Campus

      Name Resolution

      Core, Public

      Phone Service

      Critical, Campus

      Print Services

      Important, Campus

      PUBLIC Drive

      Supported, Campus

      Student Webs

      Supported, Public


      Critical, Academic


      Important, Academic


      Important, Academic

      Wide Area Net.

      Core, Campus


      Supported, Campus

      Please consult the Service Update Policy for detail on how each of these services are supported.

      Primary Network Service Levels

      Core Service

      • Many other services depend on this service.
      • Primarily "invisible" network services.
      • 99.999% availability

      Critical Service

      • Students and Faculty use this service constantly.
      • It is required for legitimate academic activities.
      • 99.9% availability

      Important Service

      • This service is used daily by staff or students.
      • On rare occasions, down-time of a few hours is acceptable.

      Supported Service

      • Services which are exist primarily to make things easier, but are not strictly required for academic activities.
      • This service is supported by the IT department, but there is no guarantee of availability.

      Unsupported Service

      • Access to this service may be possible, but the IT department will not support it.

      Blocked Service

      • Access to this service is forbidden.


      Secondary Network Service Levels

      Campus Service

      • Service is available on-campus to authorized people.

      Academic Service

      • Service is available from any Internet connected computer to authorized people.

      Public Service

      • Service is available to anybody from anywhere.

      Network Service Descriptions

      Application Authenticators -- Provides license keys for ProjectFun, 3D Studio, Maya, etc.

      COURSES Drive -- Files for course information and student work submission.

      DATA Drive -- Staff and faculty only, files pertaining to the academic functioning of the school.

      Directory Service -- LDAP, provides computer and user account information.

      Domain Logon -- Computer authentication, provides logon services to workstations.

      E-Mail -- Access to email through a client application; SMTP and IMAP.

      Extranet -- The public web site:

      Faculty Webs -- Faculty personal or course web sites:

      FTP -- Public file storage.

      HOME Drive -- Files for personal use, workstation profiles.

      Internet -- Access to non-DigiPen resources.

      Intranet -- The internal web sites,, etc.

      Local Area Network -- Basic connection between DigiPen workstations on campus.

      Name Resolution -- DNS, the ability to lookup hostnames by IP address and visa versa.

      Phone Service -- Both the NEC phone system and the VOIP phone system, includes the ability to make and recieve calls.

      Print Servires -- Students' ability to print to lab printers and faculty's ability to print to designated network printers.

      PUBLIC Drive -- Temporary file storage.

      Student Webs -- Student personal web sites:

      Subversion -- Code repository:

      VPN -- The ability for staff and faculty to access shared network resources from off-site.

      Webmail -- Access to email via a web-based client:

      Wide Area Network -- Basic connection between the DigiPen Campus and the DigiPen Office sites.

      Wireless -- Basic connection to the DigiPen network via an 802.11a/g

      File Service Levels

      See Backup Rotation for a definition of backup cycles.

      Data Service

      Service Levels

      Courses Data for the current term

      Important, Long Term

      Courses Data for previous terms

      Archive, Permanent

      Helpdesk/IT DB

      Important, Long Term

      Home Drives for current students

      Important, Long Term

      Home Drives for alumni

      Archive, Long Term

      Home Drives for staff and faculty

      Important, Long Term

      Home Drives for retired staff and faculty

      Archive, Long Term

      IMAP mail folders

      Critical, Long Term

      LDAP DB

      Critical, Long Term

      ProjectFun Server Data

      Important, Permanent

      Public Drive Data

      NA, Temporary

      Site Security DB

      Critical, Long Term

      QuickBooks Data

      Critical, Permanent

      SRS Server Data

      Critical, Permanent

      Staff-Public Drive Data

      Important, Long Term

      Staff-FinancialAid Drive Data

      Critical, Permanent

      Subversion Data for active teams

      Critical, Long Term

      Subversion Data for inactive teams

      Archive, Permanent

      Voice Mail Data

      Critical, Long Term

      Primary File Service Levels

      Critical Data

      • Data which is constantly in use and must always be up-to-date.
      • Restore time will be less than an hour.

      Important Data

      • Data which is important to the functioning of the school, but which is not necessarily used every day.
      • Restore times of less than 1 day.

      Archive Data

      • Data which is no longer in daily use, but may need to be used occasionally.
      • Restore times of less than 1 week.


      Secondary File Service Levels


      • This data needs to be kept in storage for, practically, forever.
      • Media sent off-site will not be recycled.

      Long Term

      • This data is kept in storage for one year.
      • Media sent off-site will be recycled after one year.


      • This data is not backed-up.


      File Service Descriptions

      Courses Data for the current term --

      Courses Data for prevous terms --

      Home Drives for current students --

      Home Drives for alumni --

      Home Drives for staff and faculty --

      Home Drives for retired staff and faculty --

      ProjectFun Server Data --

      Public Drive Data --

      QuickBooks Data --

      SRS Server Data --

      Staff-Public Drive Data --

      Staff-FinancialAid Drive Data --

      Subversion Data for active teams --

      Subversion Data for inactive teams --