Configuration Policy

The goal of this policy is to define how the configuration for DigiPen computers is created and updated in a way that facilitates student and faculty learning. Configuration changes should be kept to a minimum during the school year to avoid inconsistent and unstable computer behavior.

The following policy applies to all software, hardware, and network configuration.

  • The configuration for workstations and network access is defined at the beginning of each school year by a committee of faculty.
  • The configuration will not change during the year except when required to aid learning.
  • Changes to the configuration must be requested by a member of the faculty or staff.

Configuration Request Information

To make a formal request for a configuation change:

  1. The change must be requested by a staff or faculty member.
  2. The request must include:
    • The priority of the change:
      1. Critial, classes are halted until the change is made.
      2. Important, this change will make the class easier to teach or help the students understand the material.
      3. Desireable, this change make it easier for students to do their work, but it is not required to complete any assignments.
      4. Low, this change does not affect classes or assignments but it would improve the security or functionality of the computers.
    • The due date for the change: As Soon As Possible, Next Week, Next Quarter, Next Year, etc.
    • As much detail about the change as possible, including where to get the software and any licensing information.
  3. The above information should be sent to

Student Configuration Requests

If a student requires a configuration change to complete assignments or aid learning the following process can be used to request the required change:

  1. The student must clearly define the change they are requesting.
  2. The student will then consult with his/her instructor to determine if the change is required to complete his/her work.
  3. The instructor will decide if the change is:
    • Required immediately, and the change should be made as soon as possible.
    • Required eventually and the change should be made by a specific date, or the next time the configuration is rebuilt. (Yearly for most configurations.)
    • Is not required and no change should be made.
  4. Once the priority of the configuration is determined the instructor will make a formal request to the IT department. The request should:
    • Indicate the priority of the change, as defined above.
    • Be as complete as possible, with as much information about the change as can be provided. More information makes it more likely that the IT department will be able to complete the request in a timely fashion.
    • Be made via the HelpDesk system so that it can be tracked to completion.