Reimbursement Requests

Where can I get a reimbursement request form?

You can download the Reimbursement Request Form [pdf] or pick up a copy from the front office (first floor).

Who can request a reimbursement check?

You can submit a request for a reimbursement check if all of the following apply to you:

  • You are a DigiPen student
  • You tuition account carries a credit balance, and the credit balance does not contain FSA funds (see below for more information)

What are FSA funds?

FSA stands for Federal Student Aid. The FSA funds currently administered for DigiPen students through Federal Student Aid are:

  • Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans
  • PLUS Loans
  • Pell Grant
  • Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG)
  • National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (SMART)

What is a "credit balance that does not contain FSA funds"?

A credit balance that that does not contain FSA funds is an overpayment that came from one of more of the following sources:

  • Overpayment by alternative loans
  • Overpayment by personal funds
  • Overpayment by State grants and scholarships
  • Overpayment by private grants and scholarships

The credit balance as a result of these overpayments can be reimbursed to the student upon receipt of a reimbursement request.

What happens to a credit balance that contains FSA funds?

A credit balance that contains FSA funds is called FSA credit balance, and is automatically released by the school to the student/parent within a timeframe set by Federal Student Aid regulations.  Reimbursement request forms have no effect on issuance of FSA credit balance payment checks. 

How can I tell by looking at my account if I am going to receive an FSA credit balance payment check?

You can compare the total of your tuition and admin/tech fees for a semester, which are usually called FSA Allowable Charges, to the total of FSA funds disbursed for the same semester.  If the FSA funds disbursement was less than the FSA allowable charges, you would have no FSA credit balance.  If the disbursement was larger than the allowable charges, the difference would be a FSA credit balance, which would be automatically released by the school to the student/parent.

Note: The payments that are received from any sources other than FSA programs do not affect the calculation of FSA allowable charges and FSA credit balance, regardless to the timing when such payments are received.

I’m not sure whether my credit balance comes from FSA funds or something else.  Can I submit a reimbursement request anyway?

Yes.  When you are not sure what caused a credit balance in your tuition account, however, if you want to make sure you receive a check, and then you should go ahead and submit a reimbursement request to be safe, so that your credit balance will be ultimately released to you, either by a reimbursement check or a FSA credit balance payment check.

Note: If the credit balance comes from parent’s PLUS loans, the credit balance payment check is issued payable to the parent borrower and mailed to his/her address by default, unless the parent borrower requests the school to release such credit balance to his/her student.  

How soon can I receive a reimbursement check?

Reimbursement checks are issued within 2 to 4 weeks of one of the following dates (whichever comes later):

  • The date when your reimbursement request was received; or
  • The date when a reimbursable credit balance occurred in the account

Note: The average processing time of reimbursement request is less than 2 weeks, as long as there is a reimbursable credit balance in the account at the time of the request. However, we ask you to allow up to 4 weeks of processing time in the beginning of each semester when a high volume of requests is expected.

My classmate and I dropped off reimbursement requests at the same time. My classmate has already received a check, but I haven't. Why?

The most common reason that your check hasn’t been issued while your classmate’s has is that your account does not have a reimbursable credit balance, while your classmate’s account may. Your request may be in hold, waiting for a credit balance to appear in your account. You may email ytaber[at]digipen[dot]edu to check the status of your request.

I know my account is going to show a credit balance once my alternative loan disburses in a few weeks.  Can I submit my reimbursement request now, or do I have to wait until the disbursement arrives and a credit balance shows in my account?

You can submit a reimbursement request now.  If you would like the request not processed until the disbursement of your alternative loan, you can give the school such instruction on the request form.  Reimbursement requests are considered/processed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

My parents pay my tuition.  Can they fill out reimbursement request forms?

The student is the only person who can sign and submit a reimbursement request. The student may give the school the instruction on the request form, if a check should be made payable to another person or mailed to a specific address.

Can I opt to leave the credit balance in my account?

The credit balance that does not contain FSA funds can be left in your tuition account.  Such credit balance may be applied to future dues or reimbursed at a later time when you decide to request a reimbursement check.  Should a credit balance remain in your account at the time of graduation or withdrawal from the school, a refund check will be automatically sent to your last known billing address.  The credit balance that comes from FSA funds must not be left in your account, and therefore, will be automatically released to you or your parent borrower as FSA credit balance payment.