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Reimbursement Request, Student Consent for Release of Records


Registration Override, Student Internship, Independent Study, Transcript Request, Record Request, Student Consent for Release of Records, Student Reference Request, Program Transfer Request (for graduate students), Grade Appeal Packet.


Employment Background Screening, Student Employment Application, I-9 Form, Confidentiality Agreement, Acknowledgement Agreement, W-4 Form, Direct Deposit Sign-up Form.

Student Affairs

Library Alternate Testing

Proctor Request Form

Campus Life

Excused Absence Request Form, Room Use Agreement


Client Intake, Counselor Disclosure Statement, Counseling Center Consent.

Please complete and bring all of the forms listed above to first appointment.

Disability Support Services

DSS Intake, Accommodation Request Form, Alternate Format Request Form, Student Responsibilities Agreement Form, Proctor Request Form.

Please complete and bring the DSS Intake Form to your first appointment.

International Students

Employment Authorization Request, Social Security Verification Application.

Off-Campus Living

Relocation Guide, Moving to Redmond Checklist, Roommate Agreement.

If you have questions about any of these forms or cannot find the form you are looking for, contact Student Affairs.