What is your dream job?

DigiPen and Career Services can help get you there.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, contact careerservices[at]digipen[dot]edu


DigiPen has classes built into the curriculum of each degree program to help with your job search. These courses are reviewed by our program advisory committee members, many of whom are industry leaders in video game development. See the  online course catalog for more information.

Guest Lectures and Workshops

DigiPen’s Redmond, Washington campus is located in one of the biggest centers of video game development in the country. Faculty take advantage of the close proximity to top-tier game companies by regularly inviting industry professionals to give guest lectures and attend on-campus events. 

DigiPen Job Portal

The DigiPen Job Portal is a free resource that allows students to post their resumes, search for open jobs, and RSVP for career events. The Job Portal also allows students to access our Resource Library, containing important job search tips and tricks specific to the video game industry. Company recruiters may sign up for a free account, post job openings, and review resumes. 

For questions concerning the DigiPen Job Portal, please contact Mojan Ahmadi, Director of Career and Alumni Development, at mahmadi[at]digipen[dot]edu.

Company Days

DigiPen regularly schedules on-campus visits by some of the industry’s top companies, giving students the opportunity to meet with recruiters, learn more about the hiring process, and even participate in on-campus interviews. These events are open to DigiPen students only, and an RSVP is required for most events. Past visitors include representatives from Microsoft Games Studio, Blizzard, ArenaNet, and many others.

To host a Company Day at DigiPen, contact careerservices[at]digipen[dot]edu.

Career Fair

Once every spring, graduating DigiPen seniors show off their projects to 80-plus industry recruiters from around the nation. Instead of a traditional career fair where the companies have booths, our students set up booths and display their projects, reels, and portfolios to top companies. Remember Portal? Valve Software hired the team of DigiPen graduates behind this groundbreaking puzzle game after seeing their student project Narbacular Drop at Career Day 2005. Excited about Portal 2? Valve recruited another team of DigiPen graduates at Career Day 2009 to help develop this sequel. Read other student success stories.

Internship Fair

This annual event is structured similarly to a classic Career Fair where employers are assigned a booth to represent their company. The goal for this event is for students to gain exposure to different job and internship opportunities at different companies, and for employers to connect with the DigiPen student body. Last year was a great success, where over 350 students attended. The event registration is included in a link below; we hope you can attend!

Conferences and Industry Events

DigiPen sends representatives to the following conferences throughout the year:

We also encourage students to attend conferences their senior year to increase their hiring exposure. To that end, DigiPen schedules Spring Break during the annual Game Developers Conference. Approximately one quarter of our graduating seniors attend to participate in recruiting events. Introduce yourself to one of our booth representatives to discuss your company’s hiring needs.


DigiPen students have access to resume and cover letter reviews, practice interviewing sessions, soft skill development, as well as general career counseling sessions. Students of all stages are welcome to meet with a member of the Career Services team. Please contact careerservices[at]digipen[dot]edu to set up an appointment.