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DigiPen Housing Quarantine Policy

DigiPen Housing is committed to our residents’ safety. Extra training and procedures have been put in place to address all COVID-19 related concerns. There will be extra units that will be available should students need to be quarantined.

The number of suspected and reported COVID-19 cases will change how DigiPen Housing quarantines, and supports our resident communities. A significant number of cases may result in a suspension of the housing program, which will follow our DigiPen Housing Refund Policy for changes in response to COVID-19.

  1. Residents must be familiar with DigiPen’s Infection/Exposure Protocols.

  2. Residents receiving a positive COVID-19 test may be removed from their unit and placed into a separate unit that DigiPen Housing has reserved, until they receive medical clearance that adheres to CDC and local health department guidelines. This procedure may change given the number of cases and the number of positive COVID-19 tests of current roommates.

  3. Residents who have roommates that are suspected to have or have tested positive for COVID-19 will be quarantined in their unit until they receive medical clearance that adheres to CDC and local health department guidelines or until they leave the housing program. Resident agreement policies and procedures will apply.

  4. Residents must comply with all directions given to them by DigiPen Housing staff. Failure to comply with directives will result in a termination of the Resident Housing Agreement and removal from the housing program with all penalties and fees that apply. (i.e. refusing to receive a COVID-19 test).

  5. Residents quarantined due to suspected or reported COVID-19 tests will receive support services by DigiPen Housing in the form of food/supply delivery, and routine check-ins.

  6. Residents suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 will have their emergency contacts informed of their situation and be involved with DigiPen Housing’s response. Once test results have proven the resident is healthy, residents will send a record to housing[at]digipen[dot]edu.

  7. DigiPen Housing will continue to assess its policies and procedures throughout the duration of this health emergency. Policy and procedure changes will be communicated to residents via email to their DigiPen email accounts at least 24 hours before changes are required to be followed. Safety is our number one priority and we appreciate your cooperation and support during these difficult times.

Cleanliness Guidelines

There will be cleanliness recommendations provided by housing for each unit. Resident Assistants and Resident Directors will be trained on guidelines and available to respond to health concerns and emergencies as they occur. Residents should contact the Resident Assistant on duty for immediate support.

DigiPen Housing Refund Policy


Please refer to the Apply for Housing page for deadlines.

Spring Semester

To be determined for 2022.

Breaking Lease

Residents must notify DigiPen Housing in writing of their intentions to vacate and when they plan to exit. Residents must pay two months’ rent — amount to be based on the type of apartment they are renting — as a cancellation fee and will be pro-rated for the rest of their semester in Housing.

Residents choosing to join our housing program after the start of the semester will receive a housing cost based on their move-in date, depending on availability. Students who would like to participate in the housing program should contact DigiPen Housing directly at housing[at]digipen[dot]edu.

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