Weapons on Campus

Possession or use of firearms or other weapons by anyone belonging to or visiting the campus, except law-enforcement officials, is strictly prohibited.

Substance Abuse Policy

I. Statement of Policy: DigiPen Institute of Technology forbids the manufacture, possession, distribution and use of alcohol and illicit drugs on Institute Property.

II. Applicable Legal Sanctions: Illicit drug purchase, possession and use is a crime under state (RCW 69.50) and federal law. Washington law prohibits a variety of alcohol related conduct, including the purchase or possession of alcohol by anyone under 21 years of age (RCW 66.44). Violations of law are punishable by fines, imprisonment or both.

III. Health Risks: Numerous health risks are associated with the use of illicit drugs or the abuse of alcohol. Repeated use of either drugs or alcohol can lead to dependence. Use of illicit drugs and abuse of alcohol causes a substantial number of health problems and can be fatal.

IV. Available University Services: Students and employees seeking additional information about the effects of drug or alcohol use or seeking assistance for alcohol or drug related problems should contact the Alcohol and Drug Help Line at 800.562.1240 or the Student Affairs Director (425-895-4431) for referral information.

V. Sanctions: Disciplinary sanctions will be imposed on students and employees for violations of DigiPen policy governing illicit drugs and alcohol. Sanctions may range from referral for rehabilitation to expulsion, termination of employment and referral for prosecution.

VI. Further information: For further information about drug and alcohol issues or to receive a more complete description of the health risks associated with drug use and alcohol abuse and the relevant legal sanctions, contact or the Student Affairs Director (425-895-4431).

Fire Exit Policy

Fire Drills are conducted to familiarize faculty, staff, employees, students, and visitors with the sound of the buildings fire alarm. The emergency exits and the Fire Emergency Procedure are established by the DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Fire Drills will be conducted and scheduled annually. Fire drills will be coordinated and scheduled by the Facilities department and the Redmond Fire Department. All faculty, staff, employees, students and visitors are expected to facilitate a safe and orderly evacuation according to the Fire Emergency Procedure. A record of all drills, including the results of a critique, shall be kept on file with the Facilities. To ensure the safety of students, staff, faculty, residents and visitors, the following fire emergency plan has been developed and shall be implemented in fire emergencies.

Visitor Policy

All visitors must sign in and receive authorization from the Administration office. Visitor hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

See also Visiting DigiPen.