People Talking About DigiPen

October 2011

PC Gamer highlights DigiPen student game Nous as one of the week's best free PC games, calling it "a game that proves thoughtful storytelling, smart game design and heaps of fun can go perfectly hand-in-hand."
Read it here: "This week's best free PC games."

August 2011

Gaming blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun looks at the new teaser trailer for DigiPen student project Nitronic Rush, which the team calls a "survival racing game."
Read it here: "Tron and On: Nitronic Rush."

GeekWire speaks with ProjectFUN student Jeanette Yu about her game Fast Fruit Chain, which was voted Best Game at the program's July showcase.
Read it here: "Meet the 15-year-old whose game wowed the crowd at DigiPen’s summer camp."

April 2011

Gamasutra announces Serious Play Conference to be held at DigiPen in August 2011 and posts a call for speakers for the event.
Read it here: "DigiPen To Host First Annual Serious Play Conference"

First annual Serious Play Conference is announced on gamefwd.
Read it here: "Serious Play Conference Looking for Speakers"

Q13 Fox News visits DigiPen's Redmond campus and speaks with students Aariel Hall and Jonathan Fitzpatrick about their work.
Watch it here: "Local Game Creators."

On the day of Portal 2's release, National Public Radio takes a closer look at the Portal series' roots as DigiPen student games Narbacular Drop and Tag: The Power of Paint.
Read it here: "Portal 2: A Student Video Game Project, All Grown Up"

The Seattle Times catalogs the history of the Portal series, starting with the team of DigiPen students who made Narbacular Drop.
Read it here: "Backstory to blockbuster game Portal 2 is a real Cinderella tale."

GeekWire profiles Seattle mobile gaming start-up Zipline Games, co-founded by DigiPen graduate Patrick Meehan.
Read it here: "Android and iPhone game development in a snap: That's the promise of Zipline."

March 2011

Atomic MPC speaks with Jeep Barnett, one of the DigiPen graduates hired by Valve who went on to create Portal and the upcoming Portal 2.
Read it here: "Portal 2: the Jeep Barnett Interview."

For the second year in a row, The Princeton Review and GamePro recognize DigiPen as one of the top schools in the United States for video game design.
Read it here: The New York Times, GameSpy, USA Today, GamePro

January 2011

Indie Games Channel reviews GEAR: Full Circle by DigiPen students Team 3, saying the game "not only brings back memories of Bionic Commando, but also feels like an evolution of the game’s formula."
Read it here: "IGF 2011 Review: GEAR: Full Circle by Team 3."

Game Informer speaks with Raymond Yan, chief operating officer of DigiPen's Redmond campus, about what makes DigiPen stand out from other game development colleges.
Read it here: "Thinking About Attending a Video Game School? Read This First."

December 2010

Gamasutra posts Cassandra Khaw's review of DigiPen student game Solace.
Read it here: "Solace Rewrites Grief Into Something Beautiful"

Indie Games Channel reviews DigiPen student game bLight.
Read it here: "IGF 2011 Preview: bLight by Mandatory Fun"

November 2010

The Asian Correspondent, an international news organization, names DigiPen one of "the best game development schools around today."
Read it here: "A Career in Game Design... Not Just for Kids."

October 2010

Indie Games Channel chats with Robert Francis, technical director of One Man Down, the DigiPen student team behind Solace.
Read it here: "One Man Down's Tech Director Robert Francis on Creating Solace at DigiPen."

The Wall Street Journal previews the upcoming Portal 2, including the substantial gameplay contributions made by DigiPen students.
Read it here: "Portal 2: A Look at the Hotly Anticipated Videogame."

Gamasutra interviews Dan Rosas, Robert Francis, and Jami Lukins about their DigiPen sophomore project, Solace, and the recognition it has received.
Read it here: "DigiPen Students On Their Music Based Shoot 'Em Up Solace."

September 2010

Girls Are Geeks covers the "Women Own" panel at PAX, featuring DigiPen alumnus Brittany Aubert. 
Read it here: "Geeky Woman Role Model: Brittany Aubert."

The Independent Gaming Source posts review of DigiPen student game Solace, selected for the PAX 10.
Read it here: "PAX 2010: Solace"

Gamasutra interviews Valve's Erik Wolpaw, writer of Portal and Portal 2, about the series of mind-bending puzzle games, including how DigiPen graduates have been integral to both games' development.
Read it here: "Synthesizing Portal 2."

August 2010

DigiPen's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony covered by TechFlash and Game Politics
Read it here: "Video game university opens doors on new Redmond campus" and "DigiPen Moves into New Facility"

DigiPen alumni Josh Stanger is featured in NW Jobs (part of The Seattle Sunday Times), discussing his career as an artist at Zombie Studios. 
Read it here: "It takes more than a love of gaming for a career as a video-game designer."

May 2010

Announcement of DigiPen's new campus in Bilbao, Spain, is covered by TechFlash, GamerPolitics, GameHuddle, and others.
Read more: Puget Sound Business Journal's Tech Flash, GamePoliticsDigital News, GameHuddle, Gaming Essence, GoNintendo,

April 2010

Sync-Ball, a new iPhone game by Tozai and developed by DigiPen, featured on Tech Flash
Read it here: "DigiPen, Tozai team on Sync-Ball"

Casual Gamer Chick reviews Tozai's Sync-ball.
Read it here: "Sync-Ball: A New Puzzle Game for the iPhone"

March 2010

City of Redmond's eFocus magazine features an article on DigiPen's newest high school initiative as well as a video about DigiPen.
Read it here: "Providing an Education Focused on Innovation: DigiPen WaNIC Technology Academy"

Student game, Attack of the 50ft Robot, receives rave review on IGN.
Read it here: "Attack of the 50ft Robot. Crush, kill, and destroy for free by unleashing your inner robot."

DigiPen is named one of the top game design schools by The Princeton Review.
Read about it here: USA Today, TechFlash, Topix, Redmond Reporter, Games Abyss, Gamasutra, GamePro.

DigiPen Institute of Technology highlighted in Game Career Guide.
Read it here: Schools: DigiPen Institute of Technology

TopNews covers DigiPen's involvement with and support of Singapore Institute of Technology.
Read it here: “Singapore Institute of Technology Offers Plethora of Opportunities

Channel News Asia talks about DigiPen’s support of newly-formed Singapore Institute of Technology.
Read it here: "Singapore Institute of Technology's open house attracts over 700 visitors

The Seattle Times discusses the upcoming Portal 2, which was conceptualized by DigiPen students.
Read it here: “Valve gives Mac first-tier gaming status, Portal 2

DigiPen’s Gear team member, Brian Lee, is featured in a Q&A about his game and big win at the Indie Game Challenge, in the Press Democrat.
Read it here: “Q&A with Santa Rosa game designer Brian Lee

AsiaOne calls out how DigiPen students are highly sought after by employers around the world.
Read it here: “Courses offered by 5 top institutes

February 2010

DigiPen games Dreamside Maroon and Igneous mentioned in Ars Technica. 
Read it here: "Student-developed games show bright future for industry."

DIYgamer interviews game team behind the IGF Student Showcase Winner Dreamside Maroon.
Read it here: "The Future of Gaming: Dreamside Maroon."

Igneous creators interviewed in DIYgamer IGF Student Showcase series.
Read it here: "The Future of Gaming: Igneous."

DigiPen grad Marc Ten Bosch featured in Gamasutra interview.
Read it here: "Road To The IGF: Miegakure's Marc Ten Bosch."

New DigiPen campus is announced on Gamasutra
Read it here: "DigiPen Moving to Larger Campus in Summer 2010."

Sophomore game team from DigiPen wins the Indie Game Challenge Grand Prize (for non-professionals) for their game Gear.
Read it here: "Cogs and Gear win first $100,000 Indie Game Challenge"
and here: "Lazy 8's Cogs, Team 3's Gear Win First Indie Game Challenge"

Gear team member, student Brian Lee, is mentioned in his local California newspaper, the Press Democrat.
Read it here:"Winning video game creation nets Santa Rosa man's team $100,000."

USA Today showcases The Princeton Review’s rankings of the top game schools, DigiPen is named No. 2 out of 50.
Read it here: “USC ranked No. 1 among video-game design programs

January 2010

NPR talks about how the game industry is growing and how schools like DigiPen are encouraging this growth.
Read it here: “When Play Means Pay: Video Game Jobs On The Rise

Seattle Times' Brier Dudley writes about DigiPen's upcoming move.
Read it here: "DigiPen gets new campus, teaching kids game development."

News about DigiPen Institute of Technology’s Bilbao campus is covered in international news.
Read it here: “DigiPen Europe-Bilbao impartirá este mes el primer curso de programación de videojuegos” and “Bilbao tendrá en 2010 el primer centro europeo de formación en videojuegos

December 2009

DigiPen alum Kim Swift mentioned in WIRED.
Read it here: “Portal Prodigy Vacates Valve