DigiPen welcomes applicants from all types of educational backgrounds. Applicants who have college-level, AP, or CLEP-related studies will be automatically considered for transfer credits during the application process. Please be sure to send official transcripts and test scores for consideration. Applicants with eligible transfer credits will be notified with their acceptance packet.

Applicants who have studied college-level courses outside of the United States must provide course descriptions for review. If the course descriptions are not in English, please provide official translations in addition to the original language documents.

As each degree program has its own recommended course sequence, eligible transfer credits vary by degree program. Previous courses must have the same content, rigor, and credit hour total as a DigiPen course, and students must earn a B- grade or better to be eligible to receive transfer credit. DigiPenís degree programs are linear in nature, and transfer credits may not shorten the amount of time it takes to complete DigiPenís degree programs; however, transfer credits may help lighten students' course load during certain semesters or allow them to take additional electives or more advanced coursework. For more information on transfer credit, please review our transfer credits policy.

Transferring schools may affect the amount and type of financial aid available to you. We encourage you to speak with the Financial Aid Office about financial aid as a transfer student.

Pre-Approval of Courses for Transfer Credit

For prospective transfer students who would like to choose courses at their current post-secondary institution that will be eligible for transfer credit, DigiPen will pre-approve courses. To receive pre-approval for a  course, applicants must:

  1. Review the DigiPen recommended course sequence for their program of choice and compare that to the course available at their current school.

  2. Email the DigiPen Admissions office with the following:

    1. A link to the course descriptions at their current school that are similar to courses at DigiPen;
    2. Their DigiPen program of choice;
    3. Current transcripts of courses already taken.

      Requests for pre-approval must be received at least two weeks prior to registration to allow for adequate response time.

  3. DigiPen will respond to the request via email. Please note that a pre-approval of a course does not guarantee transferability. If the applicant earns a grade less than a B- or if the DigiPen course curriculum changes, the course may no longer be transferable.

  4. Transcripts will be evaluated again automatically as part of the admissions process, and applicants will be notified in the acceptance packet of final transferable credits.