Application Deadlines

November 26, 2018: for Spring 2019 readmission
April 8, 2019: for Summer 2019 readmission
June 30, 2019: for Fall 2019 readmission

Conditions for Readmission

Medical Withdrawals

If you withdrew from DigiPen for medical reasons, a physician's statement indicating that you are ready to resume your studies and describing any special needs you may require upon your return to campus must be sent to the Office of Admissions. Your application cannot be processed without this statement.

Readmission after Academic Dismissal

If you are applying for readmission after academic dismissal, your explanation of what you have been doing since you last attended the institute, why you would like to return, and how you plan to be successful in returning will be carefully considered during the review of your application for readmission. Please note that students who have been withdrawn for academic reasons must wait at least one academic year before applying for readmission.

Readmission after Disciplinary Action

If you were suspended from DigiPen for disciplinary reasons or left with disciplinary charges pending, you must receive clearance from the Disciplinary Committee to return. Please include a formal appeal for the committee to review along with your application.

Readmission for Personal Reasons

If you were in good academic and financial standing when you withdrew, other than space availability, there usually are no impediments to returning. However, an academic plan may need to be developed with your advisor. Students requesting readmission after an extended period of time must meet with an academic advisor to determine the viability of completing a degree program.

Readmission after Non-Payment of Account

If the institute withdrew you for non-payment of your account, you must first settle your account before applying for readmission. Once you have settled your account, the policy for readmission follows the same guidelines listed under Readmission for Personal Reasons.

Readmission after Military Service

In compliance with the Higher Education Authorization Act, any student whose absence from the institute is required by reason of service in the uniformed services shall be entitled to readmission to the institute if the student (or an appropriate officer of the Armed Forces or official of the Department of Defense) gives advance written or verbal notice of such service to the Registrar's Office. This is provided that the cumulative length of the absence and of all previous absences from the institute, by reason of service in the uniformed services, does not exceed five years, and, except as otherwise provided in this section, the student submits a notification of intent to re-enroll in the institute.

Readmission into a New Degree Program

Readmission applicants who would like to return to DigiPen as a student but enter into a new degree program must submit any additional materials required for entrance into the degree program to which they would like to change. To review the exact requirements for the program to which you are seeking admission, please view the “Change of Major” information online or in the course catalog or contact the Office of Admissions at admissions[at]digipen[dot]edu.

Finally, readmission applicants who are applying for readmission more than one year after withdrawing and who are not native English speakers may have to submit additional Proof of English language proficiency.

Exceptions to these requirements will only be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the DigiPen Administration.

Financial Aid

Students applying for readmission to DigiPen may be eligible to receive financial assistance. To apply for financial aid, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and a DigiPen Financial Aid Application form are required. Contact the Financial Aid Office at (425) 629-5002 or financialaid[at]digipen[dot]edu for details or to have an application mailed to you.

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