Teachers and Counselors Near DigiPen

Come have lunch with a member of our team!

We invite you to join us for lunch to learn more about DigiPen's degree programs in computer science, game development, digital art, sound design, and interactive simulation technology.

Find out how your students can explore careers in a range of high-tech industries while still in elementary, middle or high school. Meet with DigiPen admissions staff, take home relevant materials, and enjoy a complimentary meal from our Bits and Bytes Café.

Please contact Jeff Hill at 425-629-5074 or jeff.hill[at]digipen.edu to set up an appointment.

Take a Field Trip to DigiPen

The Office of Admissions welcomes group tours. During a visit to DigiPen, students may have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the game development process and the importance of mathematics, physics, and computer science for aspiring developers
  • Participate in an engaging game design activity*
  • See samples of student artwork, demonstrating the various stages of the production animation process
  • Tour the school
  • Hear about the history of DigiPen and about our graduates

*Subject to classroom availability

If you are interested in bringing a group of students to DigiPen, please contact outreach(at)digipen(dot)edu or call (425) 629-5001 to discuss and arrange details. Field trips take place on weekdays and should be scheduled in advance.

Arrange a Presentation at Your School

An admissions representative is happy to visit local schools for special presentations. If you would like a representative to visit your school, please contact outreach(at)digipen(dot)edu or call (425) 629-5001 to discuss and arrange the details. Online class visits are also available (see below).

Request a DigiPen Educator's Packet

For information about advising your students on suggested high school courses or activities, please request a DigiPen Educator's packet, which includes a set of materials for your archive, as well as bundles of materials to hand to your interested students. For immediate advising information, please contact the Office of Outreach -- College Admissions & K-12 Programs at 425-629-5001 or by emailing outreach[at]digipen[dot]edu.

DigiPen Programs for Your Students

DigiPen hosts many on-campus elementary-, middle- and high-school outreach programs throughout the year.

If you have or know of students who may be interested in learning about game design, engineering, sound design, or animation, they may visit DigiPen to shadow a student for the day, participate in a ProjectFUN Youth Program, or attend the annual Career Exploration Workshops.

For more information about these programs, please email outreach(at)digipen(dot)edu or call (425) 629-5001.

Teachers and Counselors Outside of Washington State

DigiPen at National College Fairs and Offsite Events

Every year, representatives from DigiPen attend offsite college fairs and industry events. Please let the Office of Admissions know if your school is near any of the cities we'll be visiting and if you'd like a representative to make an in-person visit.

Arrange on Online Presentation

As an alternative to an onsite field trip or presentation, the Office of Admissions is happy to arrange an online visit to your school.

The minimum requirement is a computer with Internet access that can be hooked up to a projector and speakers. If a computer lab is available, students can sign on individually for a more interactive experience. Please email outreach(at)digipen(dot)edu or call (425) 629-5001 for more information and to schedule an online presentation.

Other High-School Outreach Opportunities

For the past decade, DigiPen has been involved with many different community organizations and schools across the country through its various educational outreach programs. For example, several high schools have set up onsite DigiPen Technology Academies to encourage and spark new interest math, science, and engineering via game development.

More recently some of DigiPen's high-school programs and workshops have become available online and are more easily accessible to students and schools outside Washington state. Please contact the ProjectFUN Administration by email at projectfunadministration@digipen.edu or by phone at 425-629-5007 for more information.