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The following supplies are required for Continuing Education ceramics courses. Supplies can be purchased in the DigiPen Student Store, and are also available at Clay Art Center and Seattle Pottery Supply.

Basic Tools

  • Kemper Pottery Tool Kit or equivalent
  • Tool container, such as a tool tote, 1-gallon bucket, etc. (not available in student store)
  • Clay* (one 25-lb. bag of DigiPen White, cone 6) * One 25-lb. bag of clay is included in tuition costs
  • Sketchbook (a spiral notebook will do)
  • Pencil
  • Cloth towel (not available in student store)
  • Appropriate clothing, such as an apron, overalls, large shirt, etc. (DigiPen shirts are available in the student store)

Additional Items

The following additional items will be helpful and are also available in the DigiPen Student Store.

Hand Building

  • Wire brush
  • Serrated flexible steel rib
  • Fettling knife
  • Shredder (small surform tool)
  • Wooden paddle
  • Sumi brush(es)

Wheel Throwing

  • Kemper RB4 Wooden Potter’s Rib or similar potter’s rib
  • Kemper RB5 Wooden Potter’s Rib or similar potter’s rib
  • Kemper TT4 Turning Tool or similar turning tool