The DigiPen Library (also called the Learning Resource Center) aims to support the institute's curriculum, students, and faculty. Students have access to a variety of resources such as books, video games, e-books, DVDs, board games, sound effects, and reference books relevant to their programs of study. The library also subscribes to a selection of major journals and magazines related to the fields of gaming, simulation, computer engineering, and animation. Furthermore, the library allocates an annual budget for updating the contents of the library. The 1,164 square foot library currently holds more than 5,000 books, over 130,000 e-books, over 1,000 videos and video games, and subscriptions to 30 different magazines (print and electronic), with access to many more available in the online databases. The library also loans out video games, consoles, and other equipment. The librarian provides reference services, information literacy instruction, and materials through inter-library loan. In addition to these curriculum-related resources, the library has a collection of career-oriented materials, including books on résumés, cover letters, and interviews. The library hosts a free book and textbook exchange.

DigiPen Library
9931 Willows Road NE
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 895-4420

Current Library Hours

Alternate Testing

Alternate testing is available for students who may have missed an exam and have permission to make up that exam or students who require extra exam time. Students needing alternate testing should fill out a Proctor Request Form, have their instructor sign it, and submit the completed form to the library.

For more information about alternate testing, contact Kay Widmer (Director of Counseling Services and Disability Support Services Coordinator) or the library (