DigiPen's Intensive English Preparation (IEP) courses are designed for international students who wish to enter one of DigiPen’s degree programs but whose language skills are insufficient to pass a standardized proof of English language test at the time of application. IEP courses help students to improve their English language proficiency, so they can be successful in their chosen degree program at DigiPen.

International students who enroll in IEP courses will learn and practice a broad range of skills, including oral communication, industry-specific vocabulary, and advanced reading and writing. These courses will equip them to communicate effectively in complex work and social situations. IEP courses also help international students adjust to the DigiPen culture and its rigorous academic programs. Students will interact with faculty, staff, and other students as they become familiar with this unique learning environment.

Students who take IEP courses will also gain knowledge of American cultural practices through immersion in both the DigiPen community and the local area. They can improve their English language skills by engaging in conversations with people from many different cultures. Students may also participate in the full range of clubs and activities that other students at DigiPen enjoy, such as Playtesting, Dance, Anime, Ping Pong, and more.

Admissions Process

Applicants who meet all of the admission requirements for their chosen degree program but lack English proficiency will be automatically considered to participate in Intensive English Preparation courses and may be asked to provide the score sheet from their standardized English test. To qualify for IEP courses, applicants must have achieved one of the following minimum test scores:

  • TOEFL (paper exam) 450
  • TOEFL (computer exam) 133
  • TOEFL (internet-based test) 45
  • IELTS (paper exam) 4.0
  • Cambridge (paper exam) PET lev. B1

Applicants who qualify to participate in IEP courses will be notified by Admissions and will be given a conditional acceptance to their degree program.  After completing the IEP courses, students will still be required to submit a passing proof of English test score before they can matriculate into the degree programs in which they intend to enroll.

IEP Course Requirements

At the start of the IEP courses, students will be placed at a specific level based on the outcome of a placement test. The minimum number of credits required for completion of each level is specified below:

  • Placement Level I requires completion of at least 14 credits.
  • Placement Level II requires completion of at least 14 credits.
  • Placement Level III requires completion of at least 14 credits.
  • Placement Level IV requires completion of at least 16 credits.

Duration of IEP coursework

Each level of IEP coursework takes one semester or 15 weeks to complete.

Required Courses

Based on the IEP level placement, students will typically complete at least one subset of the following courses: IEP 001L, IEP 002L, IEP 003L, IEP 010, IEP 011, IEP 012, IEP 020, IEP 021, IEP 022, IEP 030, IEP 031, IEP 032, IEP 040, IEP 041, IEP 042 and IEP 043.

Upon completion of each level of IEP courses, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion in Intensive English Preparation specifying the level completed.

Exam Requirement

After completing the required IEP coursework, students must fulfill their admission condition by taking and passing one of the following tests:

  • TOEFL (paper exam): 550 minimum passing score
  • TOEFL (computer exam): 233 minimum passing score
  • TOEFL (Internet-Based Test): 80 minimum passing score
  • IELTS (paper exam): 6.5 minimum passing score

Course Sequence

Level 1 / Semester 1

Level 2 / Semester 2

Level 3 / Semester 3

College Bridge / Semester 4


Please note:

  • The entry point of a student into this course sequence may be changed based on the outcome of his/her placement test.
  • Students must remain enrolled in at least 12 credits to maintain full-time status.
  • Credits earned from the Intensive English Preparation courses do not count toward any degree programs offered within the institution.


Visit the Current Tuition page for details. If you have questions, please email admissions@digipen.edu.