As the animation and game industries grow, so does the demand for highly skilled and creative digital artists. The rapid advances in technology allow for a broader range of styles and greater flexibility in visual expression, particularly in real-time interactive entertainment. As the industries continue to evolve, they demand creative vision and original art beyond the production of assets.

To meet this demand, DigiPenís Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts offers a graduate level education with an emphasis on traditional art techniques, creativity and personal voice. The DigiPen faculty has crafted curriculum that focuses on the art first while also serving the needs of industry. DigiPenís unique curriculum requires the application of these skills in a digital context. Not only will alumni be prepared for the 3D graphics industry, they will have the tools and vision to become leaders who can advance the arts in video games and animated films.

The MFA in Digital Arts emphasizes foundational studies such as anatomy, figure drawing, sculpture, art history, design, and color theory. Students will also become proficient in character design, traditional sculpting, digital sculpting, hard surface modeling, lighting, texturing, rendering, and rigging. Students combine these studies with original research to create innovative digital work for a thesis project.

MFA in Digital Arts candidates will be required to focus on areas of specialization and demonstrate mastery of their chosen fields. MFA in Digital Arts graduatesí portfolios will exhibit a level of proficiency commensurate with specialists in the industry and will be qualified for jobs such as: 3D artist, 3D modeler, animator, character artist, technical artist, texture artist, environment artist or art instructor. In addition, some of the most successful MFA in Digital Arts graduates may attain jobs such as: art lead, art director, senior artist, and senior character artist.

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