Student Game Projects

MSCS students learn about the practical applications of computer science theories by creating their own game software. Many of these students use this as opportunity to work collaboratively with artists and game designers from other degree programs at DigiPen. Below, you'll find a few examples of games developed by MSCS students.

Daybreak (2012-13)

Daybreak is a third-person, edge-of-your-seat survival game where you and up to three allies struggle to survive against a relentless onslaught from an evil and twisted darkness bent on your destruction.
As mages representing the last best hope for humanity, you must fight to protect the Crystal of Light - the only remaining power that can prevent the world from slipping into eternal darkness. With little more than your skills and arcane knowledge you will utilize the raw resources of the land to build your fortress and plan your defense.

Rocket Doll (2012-13)

Rocket Doll is a first-person platformer with puzzles. The player takes control of a rage doll who just finished overthrowing an evil empire by destroying it with a rocket launcher. Now the player must leave the environment in order to find the way home. The rocket launcher is now used for propulsion in order to traverse the terrain. The player takes self inflicted explosion damage from rocket jumping, so use of the rocket launcher must be careful.

BLINK (2011-12)

BLINK is a 2D puzzle platformer where the main mechanic is teleporting. You play as a cute little alien solving puzzles. You don't just avoid enemies or kill them, but you actually use them to solve puzzles for to progress. Watch the trailer below, then head to the game gallery to download and play BLINK.

Student Research Thesis Projects

Students in the MSCS program may choose to complete their degree by submitting a thesis based on original research into an area of computer science theory. These theses projects can explore a range of advanced computer science topics, from artificial intelligence to 3D graphics performance and optimization. Here are three examples of award-winning research papers written by MSCS students:

  • Antoine Abi Chakra and Xin Li. "Priority-Based Level of Detail Approach for Interpolated Animations of Articulated Models." Winner of the Best Paper Award at the 2010 Asia Conference on Simulation and AI in Computer Games.

  • Kelson Gist and Xin Li. "Dynamic Motion Patches in Configurable Environments for Character Animation and Path Planning." Winner of the Best Paper Award at the 2008 GAME-ON North America Conference.

  • Guy Shahine and Bikramjit Banerjee. "Player Modeling Using Knowledge Transfer." Winner of the Best Paper Award at the 2007 GAME-ON North America Conference.

MSCS Graduates in the Industry

Graduates of the Master of Science program have gone on to pursue careers as game developers and software engineers at a broad range of companies. The following are just some of the companies that have hired MSCS graduates:

Big Fish Games
Gazillion Entertainment
High Moon Studios
High Voltage Software
Insomniac Games
Kush Games
Microsoft Game Studios
Nintendo of America
Nintendo Software Technology
Paragon Studios
Pi Studios
Raven Software
Respawn Entertainment
Rockstar Games
Sony Computer Entertainment
Total Immersion Software
Volition Inc.

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