Degree Requirements for the 2018-2019 Cohort

Number of Credits and GPA

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree program requires completion of at least 143 semester credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The program spans eight semesters of 15 weeks each, or four academic years.

Grade Requirements and Core Courses

Students must receive a grade of C- (or 1.7 quality points) or higher in all core courses. All required CS, ECE, MAT, and PHY courses are considered core courses. (In a non-core course, a grade of D [or 1.0 quality points] or higher is considered passing.)

Electrical and Computer Engineering Requirements

The following courses are required: ECE 110 or GAM 150, ECE 200, ECE 210, ECE 220, ECE 260, ECE 270, ECE 300, ECE 310, ECE 350, and ECE 420.  Twelve credits chosen from ECE 360, ECE 390, ECE 410, ECE 460, and ECE 490 are also required. (Total: 45 credits)

Computer Science Requirements

The following computer science courses are required: CS 100, CS 120, CS 170, CS 225, CS 280, CS 315, and CS 330. (Total: 24 credits)

Physics Requirements

The following courses are required: PHY 200, PHY 200L, PHY 250, PHY 250L, PHY 270, and PHY 270L. (Total: 14 credits)

Mathematics Requirements

The following mathematics courses are required: MAT 140, MAT 150 or MAT 180, MAT 200 or MAT 230, MAT 225, MAT 256, MAT 258, and MAT 340. Students completing MAT 230 must replace MAT 225 with an additional three semester credits of STEM electives as defined below. (Total: 24 credits)

Humanities and Social Science Requirements

The following courses are required: COL 101, COM 150, ENG 110. Students must also take three semester credits of ENG classes numbered 116 or higher and three semester credits of any ECN or MGT course. Additionally, students must take three semester credits of any non-required HSS department courses, excluding COL courses. (Total: 16 credits)

Art and Music Requirements

The following course is required: ART 210.  Students must also take an additional three semester credits of any ANI, ART, FLM, or MUS course. (Total: 5 credits)

STEM Electives Requirements

Nine semester credits from any non-required CS, ECE, MAT, PHY, or UX courses numbered 200 or above, are required. (Total: 9 credits)

Open Electives Requirements

Six semester credits of electives of any courses offered at DigiPen are required. (Total: 6 credits)

A Note on General Education Courses

The following courses satisfy the general education requirement for the BS in Computer Engineering: ENG 110 (3), COM 150 (3), HSS elective (3), ART 210 (2), MAT 140 (4), MAT 150 or MAT 180 (4), MAT 200 or MAT 230 (4), PHY 200 (4), and PHY 250 (4).

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