The Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Sound Design is a four-year degree in software engineering with an emphasis on its applications in video game audio production. Students start with foundational coursework in mathematics, physics, and computer science, then apply that knowledge in year-long, team-based projects where they design and program their own fully playable games with sophisticated interactive music and sound effects. Along the way, students will learn fundamental recording techniques and sound design principles through hands-on audio engineering projects. Those who successfully complete the BSESD program will be prepared to design and implement complex interactive scores in a professional studio environment.

Admissions Information

Students applying to the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Sound Design program should have strong math, science, and problem-solving abilities, as well as a keen interest in music and acoustics. Applicants should have completed math through pre-calculus prior to attending DigiPen; additional courses in computer science and physics are recommended. Read more about applying to DigiPen.

Topics Covered

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Sound Design program will focus on the following subjects:

  • Software engineering, especially in the area of audio engine programming for simulations and video games, but also including graphical algorithms, tools programming, and physics programming.
  • Studio recording techniques, including mixing, microphone selection and placement, digital audio workstations, studio acoustics, and synthesis. The BSESD program includes four semesters of lab courses that teach the tools and techniques of soundtrack production.
  • Sound design for video games, including sound effect creation, interactive sound design, scripting, and the game development pipeline.

Program Information

The BSESD Program + BS Core Subjects

Program Differences

The BAMSD Program vs The BSESD Program

Career Outlook

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Sound Design program will be ready to pursue a number of entry- and intermediate-level positions in the areas of software engineering and sound design, including:

  • Audio Software Engineer
  • Game Developer
  • Audio Engine Programmer
  • Sound Designer
  • Engine and Tools Programmer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Software Developer

BSESD Program Details

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