The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program prepares students to develop software through a combination of computer science theory and continuous practical application in team-based projects. Students learn to gather, store, and analyze real-world data, to connect and harness the power of distributed computing devices, and to create digital interfaces that are natural and intuitive. This background prepares students to not only understand the technologies of today, but to find solutions to problems that seem unsolvable and collaboratively build the technologies of tomorrow.

Admission Information

Applicants to the BS in Computer Science program must be passionate about software technology, but they don't necessarily need any prior programming experience to be successful. The ideal candidate will have strong math, science, and problem-solving abilities, and have completed math through pre-calculus prior to attending DigiPen. Courses in computer science and physics are also recommended. Read more about applying to the BS in Computer Science program.

Topics Covered

Students in the BS in Computer Science learn how to:

  • Program a variety of software technologies, including web applications, databases, networking tools, and even operating systems, in core languages like C++.
  • Apply concepts such as computer networks, TCP/UDP, and internet programming to allow multiple users to interact with their software at the same time.
  • Collaborate with other team members to design, build, test, and refine their applications.
  • Implement complex graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that allow users to quickly and efficiently navigate their applications.
  • Draft design documents to aid in the scheduling and organizational aspects of software development.

Career Outlook

Graduates of the BS in Computer Science degree program will be prepared to enter technical industries as entry-level software engineers.

Possible entry-level positions include Software Engineer, Software Developer, Software Development Engineer, Software Development Engineer in Test, Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Analyst, Application Analyst, Computer Programmer, Artificial Intelligence Programmer, Networking Programmer, Server Programmer, Web Programmer, User Interface Programmer, Tools Programmer, and Game Developer.

This degree program also includes secondary training that can contribute directly to a graduate obtaining positions such as Producer, Program Manager, Technical Program Manager, and Technical Writer.

With sufficient experience in the industry, graduates may obtain positions such as Lead Engineer, Lead Program Manager, Development Manager, Software Architect, and Technical Director.

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