Note: the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Digital Audio was previously offered as the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Sound Design.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Digital Audio requires completion of 143 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The program usually spans eight semesters of 15 weeks each, or four academic years. See Degree Requirements for additional information.

This is the recommended sequence of courses for a student in the 2018-2019 academic cohort. This sequence should not be used for advising purposes. Instead, contact your Student Success Advisor for a copy of this program's Curriculum Flowchart.

Recommended Course Sequence Chart

Semester Course Course Title Core Credits
Semester 1 COL 101 College Life and Academic Skills 1
CS 100 Computer Environment X 4
CS 120 High-Level Programming I: The C Programming Language X 4
ENG 110 Composition 3
GAM 100 Project Introduction X 3
MAT 140 Linear Algebra and Geometry X 4
Semester 1 Total 19
Semester 2 CS 170 High-level Programming II: The C++ Programming Language X 4
CS 230 Game Implementation Techniques X 3
MAT 150 or MAT 180 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I or Vector Calculus I X 4
GAM 150 Project I X 3
COM 150 Interpersonal and Work Communication 3
ECE 101L Introduction to Engineering Projects X 1
Semester 2 Total 18
Semester 3 CS 225 Advanced C/C++ X 3
CS 251 Introduction to Computer Graphics X 3
GAM 200 Project II X 4
MAT 200 or MAT 230 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II or Vector Calculus II X 4
PHY 200 Motion Dynamics X 4
PHY 200L Motion Dynamics Laboratory X 1
Semester 3 Total 19
Semester 4 CS 180 Operating Systems I: Man-Machine Interface X 3
CS 245 Introduction to Interactive Sound Synthesis X 3
CS 280 Data Structures X 3
GAM 250 Project II X 4
PHY 250 Waves, Optics, and Thermodynamics X 4
PHY 250L Waves, Optics, and Thermodynamics X 1
Semester 4 Total 18
Semester 5 COL 499 Career Search Preparation: Materials, Logistics, and Communication 1
CS 246 Advanced Sound Synthesis X 3
GAM 300 Project III X 4
MAT 320 Mathematics of Digital Signal Processing I X 3
MUS 370 Audio Design Project I X 1
MUS 370L Audio Design Project I Lab X 2
MUS 120 Music Theory and Musicianship I X 2
MUS 120L Music Theory and Musicianship I Lab X 1
MUS 112 Vocal Ensemble X 1
Semester 5 Total 18
Semester 6 GAM 350 Project III X 4
MAT 258 Discrete Mathematics X 3
MAT 321 Mathematics of Digital Signal Processing II X 3
MUS 113 Vocal Ensemble X 1
MUS 121 Music Theory and Musicianship II X 2
MUS 121L Music Theory and Musicianship II Lab X 1
MUS 371 Audio Design Project II X 1
MUS 371L Audio Design Project II Lab X 2
Semester 6 Total 17
Semester 7 CS 330 Algorithm Analysis X 3
FLM 115 History of Film and Animation 3
GAM 375* Project III X 4
MUS 470 Audio Design Project III X 1
MUS 470L Audio Design Project III Lab X 2
PHY 320 Acoustics I X 3
Semester 7 Total 16
Semester 8 HSS Elective Any three-credit COM, ENG, ECN, HIS, LAW, PHL, PSY, or SOS course 3
LAW 115 Introduction to Intellectual Property and Contracts 3
MUS 471 Audio Design Project IV X 1
MUS 471L Audio Design Project IV Lab X 2
MUS Elective Music Elective X 3
Open Elective An elective from any department at DigiPen 3
STEM Elective Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math Elective: CS, ECE, MAT, or PHY course numbered 200 or higher X 3
Semester 8 Total 18
Degree Program Total 143 minimum
*Note: Other courses may fulfill this requirement. See degree program requirements for details.
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