The Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Design is a four-year degree focusing on the creative principles of interactive sound design. This program combines foundational coursework in music including music history, composition, theory, and performance with practical training in studio recording techniques and sound design principles. Students who successfully complete the BA in Music and Sound Design program will be able to create engaging game and film soundtracks by applying music concepts in a real-world studio setting, not just as a sound designer, but as an effective team member with a broad understanding of the game development process.

Admissions Information

The ideal candidate for the Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Design degree program will be passionate about music and able to demonstrate some proficiency in either voice or an instrument by recording a short performance for review by DigiPen's BA in Music and Sound Design admissions committee. More important than musicianship, however, is the applicant's ear: candidates should have an intuitive grasp of concepts such as pitch, intervals, melody, harmony, and rhythm, and how these elements coalesce to form unique musical expressions. Read more about applying to DigiPen.

Topics Covered

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Design program will focus on the following subjects:

  • Music, including music theory, music history, composition, and musicianship. In addition to classroom courses, the BAMSD program includes eight semester of private instruction in either an instrument or voice.
  • Studio recording techniques, including mixing, microphone selection and placement, digital audio workstations, studio acoustics, and synthesis. Students will learn the ins and outs of soundtrack production through intensive semester-long projects.
  • Sound design for video games, including sound effect creation, interactive sound design, scripting, and the game development pipeline.

Program Differences

Interested in learning more about the Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Design program? The following video explains what sets this program apart from the BS in Computer Science and Digital Audio (formerly offered as the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Sound Design) program.

The BAMSD Program vs The BSCSDA Program

DigiPen Jazz Ensemble

Students in the BAMSD program may audition to join the DigiPen Jazz Ensemble, DigiPen's student band that performs on and off campus. Click here to learn more about the DigiPen Jazz Ensemble.

Career Outlook

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Design program will be qualified to seek a number of different positions in the game, animation, and interactive media industries, including:

  • Sound Designer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Sound Technician
  • Recording engineer
  • Audio production editor
  • Composer
  • Musician

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