Registration is now open for Summer 2014.

Registration Deadline for all courses: Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DigiPen offers Continuing Education courses for adults looking to explore a range of educational topics, including game development, drawing, and ceramics. Continuing Education courses are taught at DigiPen's campus in Redmond, WA (near Seattle). Additionally, some courses are now offered online using synchronous web conferencing technology.

Continuing Educations courses are one evening per week for 10 weeks for a total of 30 hours of instruction. For students who enroll in a DigiPen Introductory Study (DIS) course, DigiPen is authorized by the Washington Workforce Training Board to grant three Continuing Education Units (CEU) upon completion for participants with a high school diploma or GED certificate.

Summer Courses

Mondays: June 2 - August 4
Ceramics: Intermediate/Advanced Wheel Throwing/Hand Building
Digital Character Design
Online Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation (NEW)

Tuesdays: June 3 - August 5
Mobile App Development (NEW)
Introduction to Drawing
Online Introduction to 2D Video Game Programming

Wednesdays: June 4 – August 6
Ceramics: Beginner Wheel Throwing/Hand Building
Introduction to 2D Game Programming
Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation
Digital Vehicle and Prop Design 

Thursdays: June 5 - August 7
Introduction to 3D Game Programming
Advanced 3D Modeling and Animation

New Courses

Mobile App Development

Mobile phones aren’t just for phone calls anymore – they’re also handheld gaming platforms, web browsers, music and video players, and GPS navigators all rolled into one. Mobile App Development looks at how software developers design and program applications that unlock the potential of these powerful mobile computers. This course covers some of the tools and processes that developers use to turn their ideas into powerful mobile applications.

Course Objectives and Topics

Through a series of hands-on projects, you will:

  • Get an inside look at the mobile application development process.
  • Explore the user experience and interface design principles that separate merely useable mobile applications from truly great ones.
  • Learn about the mobile application distribution process, including online app stores that allow professional developers to profit from their work.
  • Create a foundation from which you can pursue app development as a hobby or a potential business.

Online Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation

This course serves as an introduction to the world of 3D computer modeling and animation, using 3DS Max we will cover numerous areas of 3D and learn the basics for the creation of successful characters, environments, and animations.

Course Objectives and Topics:

  • The basics of creating simple 3D shapes and objects, adding texture and color to those objects 
  • Create an environment with 2D and 3D objects, setting up cameras and lighting it
  • Principles of animation, animating objects like a bouncing ball. 
  • Create a simple character from shapes and objects, and animating it.
  • Render techniques in image production.

Schedule and Location

Courses are scheduled to begin the week of June 2, 2014. Each course is taught once per week for a total of 10-weeks. Unless otherwise noted, courses are scheduled on weeknight evenings from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm and will be taught at DigiPen’s campus in Redmond:

Online classes are taught using synchronous web conferencing technology.  Students are required to have broadband access and may be required to have software not provided by DigiPen. 

For more details regarding the online course system requirements, contact continuing[at]digipen[dot]edu or call (425) 558-0299.

Tuition and Fees

There is a $35 registration fee.

Courses with the introductory study "DIS" designation are $595 per course. Ceramics courses are $275 per course.


Apply Online

Admission to DigiPen Institute of Technology’s Continuing Education program is open to anyone who is 18 years of age or older or has:

  • A high school diploma, or
  • A General Education Development (GED) certificate

Continuing Education Units (CEU) are only available to participants with a high school diploma or GED certificate.

Please note that courses with the DAS designation may have specific skill prerequisites (noted in the course description). Matriculated DigiPen students should have completed their sophomore-level courses to attend DAS designated classes.

Registration Deadline

The registration deadline for Summer 2014 courses is Tuesday, May 27. Please note the refund policy as outlined on the registration form. Late enrollments are accepted if there is room.

Contact Information

Continuing Education
DigiPen Institute of Technology
9931 Willows Road NE
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 558-0299

*A note regarding online registrations: DigiPen students/graduates should already be in the online system, which will automatically apply the discount for DAS courses. If you register online but do not receive the discount, please email continuing[at]digipen[dot]edu.

**Please note: DigiPen's Continuing Education courses do not fall within the scope of ACCSC accreditation.