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Number of Credits and GPA

The Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Design requires completion of 140 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The program usually spans eight semesters of 15 weeks each, or four academic years. See the sample course sequence for more information.

Students must receive special permission in writing from their academic advisor to take more than 20 credits in either of their first two semesters.

Grade Requirements

Students must receive a grade of “C-” (or 1.7 quality points) or better in all core courses for the Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Design. (In a non-core course a grade of “D” [or 1.0 quality points] is considered passing.)

Required Courses

Subject AreaCreditsRequired Courses
Computer Science7CS 116 and CS 174.
Film6FLM 115 and FLM 201.
Humanities and Social Sciences23COL 101, COL 499, COM 150, ENG 110, and LAW 115.
Three additional credits must be selected from any course with the designation ENG.
A further nine additional credits must be selected from courses offered by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, except for those with the designation COL.
Mathematics3MAT 120
Music89MUS 110, MUS 111, MUS 120, MUS 120L, MUS 121, MUS 121L, MUS 150, MUS 150L, MUS 151, MUS 151L, MUS 210, MUS 211, MUS 220, MUS 220L, MUS 221, MUS 221L, MUS 230, MUS 231, MUS 240, MUS 241, MUS 250, MUS 250L, MUS 251, MUS 251L, MUS 260, MUS 261, MUS 310, MUS 311, MUS 320, MUS 321, MUS 322, MUS 330, MUS 331, MUS 340, MUS 341, MUS 350, MUS 350L, MUS 351, MUS 351L, MUS 410 or MUS 415, MUS 411 or MUS 416.
Six additional credits must be selected from the following courses: MUS 390, MUS 450, MUS 450L, MUS 451, MUS 451L, MUS 490.
Nine additional credits must be selected from other courses with the designation MUS.
Open Electives6Six credits from any department at DigiPen.
Physics6PHY 115 and PHY 116.

Note on General Education Courses

The following courses satisfy the general education requirement for the Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Design: COM 150, ENG 110, FLM 115, LAW 115, PHY 115, PHY 116, and twelve HSS elective credits, and three ENG elective credits.

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