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Last updated: September 8, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges for students hoping to enroll in college this year. We’re sorry that your final year of high school and college search were different from what you and your family may have expected. We are ready to welcome you to DigiPen this fall or even this spring.

We are complying with Governor Jay Inslee’s Campus Reopening Guide and our own phased approach to start the new school year. While we can’t fully predict the course of the pandemic, what we can do is offer flexible options (or more time) as you consider your future college plans.

For the 2020-21 academic year, DigiPen is offering different choices for incoming students so that you will be able to prioritize your health and well-being without having to give up on your long-term educational goals. Keep in mind, the cost of tuition will remain the same no matter which option you choose.

Online Course Experience Option

Courses Begin August 31, 2020

Nearly all of our courses will be offered online for fall and spring semesters. New, incoming students will be able to take all of their courses online, if they choose. Students choosing this experience will be able to take their fall 2020 and spring 2021 semester courses online from anywhere in the world. All online courses will be fully remote and taught synchronously following the same DigiPen curriculum sequence. The synchronous delivery ensures students will have the ability to interact with their professors in class as well as outside of the “classroom.” This ensures that your DigiPen education is the same whether you are in an online or on-campus course. Additionally, all student services will be available remotely. This online option is available for new, incoming students or returning students in any degree program.

Phased Course Experience Option

Courses Begin August 31, 2020

Many of our courses will be a combination of on-campus and online experiences. Any student choosing a phased course must live locally and be able to attend the on-campus portion of their phased course. What does a phased course look like? An example might be a project-based design course. You might have one day during the week where the professor delivers a typical lecture online. You might have another day that week where you are on campus for hands-on lab components such as meetings and presentations with your student team and professor. Any on-campus portion of a phased course will conform to state requirements and guidance as well as higher education industry best practices. As the COVID-19 situation improves, and local regulations allow, we will increase the amount of on-campus instruction and interaction of our phased courses. We will provide as much on-campus instruction for phased courses as is safely possible, and the amount of on-campus instruction will depend on safety and guidance from local, state, and national health authorities.

During course registration, you will see online or phased courses offered as different sections. You will be able to make your choices at that time. The same experienced DigiPen instructors will teach you whether your courses are being offered entirely online or phased course with online and potentially in-person instruction experience.

Student housing will be open during all phases with increased sanitizing and cleansing throughout the campus. Masks, temperature checks, and social distancing will continue to be required for anyone on campus.

Spring Start Option

Courses Begin January 4, 2021

New, incoming students may delay the start of their courses to the spring 2021 semester. New Student Orientation will be offered the weekend prior to January 4. If you choose this option, you will complete your first semester in the spring and your second semester during the summer 2021 term (May 3, 2021 - July 23, 2021). You would then move into the regular fall and spring semester rhythm for the 2021-22 academic year. Students who start in the spring 2021 semester will have the option to take all of their required classes online during the spring 2021 semester and summer 2021 term. If you are interested in starting in the spring semester, please email admissions[at]digipen[dot]edu.

Note: The Spring Start Option is not available to students in the following programs: MFA in Digital Arts, MS in Computer Science, BA in Music and Sound Design, and BS in Computer Engineering.

General Admissions Information

Please see our COVID-19 Admissions FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions surrounding our updated application requirements and procedures.

Please reach out to the Office of Admissions at (425) 629-5001 or admissions[at]digipen[dot]edu with any questions.

Spring 2021 Enrollment Deadlines

October 30

Spring 2021 Priority Application Deadline

Submit your application by this date to guarantee your placement (upon acceptance) in the spring 2021 incoming class.

December 1

Spring 2021 Final Application Deadline

Start your application by this date to be considered for the spring 2021 incoming class.

Note: The Spring Start Option is not available to students in the following programs: BA in Music and Sound Design, BS in Computer Engineering, MFA in Digital Arts, and MS in Computer Science.

Fall 2021 Enrollment Deadlines

February 1

Fall 2021 Priority Application Deadline

Submit all application materials by this date for greater access to scholarships and housing.

April 1

Fall 2021 General Application Deadline

Submit your application by this date to guarantee your placement (upon acceptance) in the fall 2021 incoming class.

July 1

Fall 2021 Final Application Deadline

Start your application by this date to be considered for the fall 2021 incoming class.

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Please refer to our Admissions Timeline for other important application deadlines. Please contact the Office of Admissions if you have any questions or require assistance at any point in the application process.

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