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Last updated: June 30, 2020

To comply with Washington state’s Stay Home – Stay Healthy Order, DigiPen’s Redmond campus facilities closed to the public and many employees on March 25. Students have had access to our campus facilities and computer labs during this time, but we’ve encouraged them to stay home and minimize their presence on campus whenever possible. Throughout the pandemic, our cleaning staff has worked continuously to sanitize all campus surfaces and areas, including countertops, handrails, and door handles.

We are currently following the state government’s guidance for re-opening higher education institutions [PDF] as we implement our own planned, phased resumption of campus activities. Additionally, we are asking for DigiPen’s students, visitors, and employees to abide by the following requirements when coming to campus:

Essential Work Only

Employees who have work that is deemed essential by Washington state have already been alerted. For those who have not been previously alerted, please refrain from coming to campus. In general, work related to the administration and support of distance education and the security of the physical premises is considered essential. If your work is considered essential but can still be performed at home, we are asking that you stay home.

Temperature Screening

Upon entering into the building, you will be scanned by our thermal imaging system for fever detection. Entry to the main building will be limited to the main entrance, while other external doors will be exit only. King County Public Health has indicated that fever screening is highly recommended and that this is an effective method. We will not be collecting or storing anyone’s temperatures or names. As under our current guidelines, individuals exhibiting systems of COVID-19 are asked to stay off campus. Individuals will be asked to self-report their symptoms and will not be recorded or reported by DigiPen staff.


All individuals on campus or entering the shuttle are required to have a face mask covering their nose and mouth at all times. Masks and face coverings may be removed when eating, drinking, spending time outside independently, or spending time in a closed, independent office. Young children, those who cannot remove masks themselves, and those who have a condition which does not allow for the operation or wearing of a mask are not required to do so. Please review the Washington State Department of Health’s guidance on face coverings [PDF].

While we ask you to come prepared to campus, if you do forget to bring a mask, we will provide you with a disposable one at the entrance. Please remember that masks do not replace social distancing, hand washing, and staying home when sick.

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