Getting Out into the Industry

For many of DigiPen's students, becoming a professional artist, game developer, or computer engineer means fulfilling a long-held goal. With dedication and hard work — and the support of DigiPen's Career Services department — many of our graduates successfully realize that dream.

As students approach graduation, there are many opportunities to forge industry connections and make contact with potential employers. In addition to attending industry events like the Game Developers Conference and SIGGRAPH, students and graduates have access to various resources provided by DigiPen's Career Services department including:

  • An online database of job listings where students can post résumés
  • Networking and career-focused events (e.g., DigiPen's annual Career Day and weekly Company Days)
  • Coaching and information about résumé-writing, interview skills, and job hunting.

Many of our alumni continue to maintain a strong bond with the DigiPen community for years after graduating. They return to the school to give guest lectures, to share their professional experiences with current students, and to scout new talent for their companies.

Where do DigiPen Graduates Work?

An abbreviated list of companies that have hired DigiPen graduates:

Also, check out the list of many of the specific game titles our graduates have worked on.

A Note on Graduation Rates

In compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1965 and the Student Right to Know Act, DigiPen is pleased to provide copies of the graduation rates to prospective students and current students upon request. Please send a written request to the Admissions Office at admissions[at]digipen[dot]edu or the Registrar's Office at registrar[at]digipen[dot]edu for a copy of the report.

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