2011-2012, Game, Senior
Salvage Youth is a 2.5D laned puzzle platformer. The player can take control of Jenny, Stu, and Dustin to solve puzzles. Each of the kids has a unique ability that helps them to explore and traverse the world. Jenny can interact, Stu can pickup and throw, and Dustin can sprint and double jump. Their goal is to rebuild their rocketship to catch up to their parents.

  • Matt Swanson - Producer
  • Beau Bateman - Art Director
  • Alexei Gil - Lead Environment Artist
  • Zach Hartlage - Character Artist
  • Jermz Gallardo - Animator
  • Steffani Charano - Environment Artist
  • Laura Franke - 2D Animation/Cinematics
  • Patrick "Thor" Gass - Experience Designer
  • Vincent Leone - Level Designer
  • Ryan Cassell - Technical Director, Sound Designer
  • Bobby Simpson - Gameplay & Physics Programmer
  • Randy McKeekin - Technical Artist
  • Jeff Mountain - Art Support