2010-2011, 2012 IGF, Game
Nitronic Rush is a fast paced survival driving game. Use your wings, boost, and driving skills to avoid obstacles that the city throws at you. Prove your abilities and impress the announcer by busting out the tricks!

  • Jason Nollan - Physics Programming, Vehicle Design/Modeling, Gameplay Logic
  • Andrew Nollan - Graphics Programmer, Art Director, Gameplay Programming
  • Chris Barrett - Technical Director, Architecture, Trick System, Menu Logic
  • Andy Kibler - Game Designer, Level Design
  • Kyle Holdwick - Executive Producer, Gameplay Programming, Obstacle Logic
  • Laura Borgen - Concept Art, Texturing
  • Eddie Peters - Concept Art, Modeling, SFX
  • Ariel Gitomer - Concept Art, Modeling
  • Nathan Aldrich - Concept Art, Modeling
  • Jordan Hemenway - Audio Director, Music Composition, Sound Design
  • M.J. Quigley - Music Composer, Interactive Music Layers